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Simple and effective Electromagnetic lifters 230Vac

SAV FRANCE electromagnetic lifters 230Vac allow the lifting and handling of flat or round parts. These high quality magnetic lifters comply with all current European standards. These magnetic lifters are available in several versions. Lifting magnets are available in manual, electric or pneumatic versions.

With more than 25 years of experience in magnetic lifters, SAV FRANCE puts its know-how at your service to recommend the magnetic solution adapted to your needs whatever your sector of activity:
Steel industry
Steel distribution and construction
Port activities

SAV FRANCE electromagnetic lifters 230Vac meet all of your lifting and handling needs for both workshop and outdoor use.

You want to handle sheets, beams, profiles, rounds, coils, bars, slabs (up to 600°C) individually or in packages, we have the solution. Fast, safe and economical, magnetic lifters allow you to lift and move a steel part from a few kilograms to several tons whatever its shape for loading/unloading machines or trucks.
By getting as close as possible to your needs, we will recommend the solution necessary for the smooth running of your process, with a rapid return on investment.

Our product range involves different magnetic products, both standard and specific:
Electromagnetic or electro-permanent lifting magnets
Battery lifting magnets
Permanent magnet lifting magnets with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or manual actuation
Our skills do not stop at magnetic lifting systems but at everything around the overhead crane:

Fixed or telescopic lifter, rotating or not
Backup battery
Diesel generator
Control and steering unit
Radio control
Chains, hooks, rings, etc.
Installation and start-up

Use :
For lifting and transporting single or bulk parts
(screws, shavings, ferrous waste, etc.)

Features :

  • Electromagnet operating in 230 Vac
  • Length of cable 3 meters
  • ON/OFF rotary knob with integrated indicator light
  • Protective fuse
  • Safety factor x2 according EN13155
  • Service 100%

Option :
Radio remote control

To achieve the nominal force indicated, the part to be handled must be of sufficient thickness and completely cover the magnetic area.

Order Example:
Electromagnetic lifters   SAV 531.40 – F-210