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First, SAV FRANCE develops and produces industrial high technology SPECIAL DEMAGNETIZATION MACHINES  . As a result, our group offers you a complete range of degaussing products. In summary, SAV FRANCE therefore offers you both standard and tailor-made solutions. To conclude with more than 25 years of experience, we have acquired a lot of knowledge in degaussing systems. Therefore, we can offer you two solutions of SPECIAL DEMAGNETIZATION MACHINES:

Pulse method

  • The alternating magnetic field is briefly increased in the coil to a high amplitude and then reduced to zero
  • Frequency, current, pulse shape and pulse duration are controlled by a power modul
  • The pulse parameters are optimally set for the application
  • This technology provides best results


Continuous method

  • The alternating magnetic field remains constant in the coil.
  • The field reduction required for demagnetization is achieved by increasing the distance between the part and coil by pulling the part out of the coil.
  • This method operates at lower field strength compared to pulse demagnetization.
  • Coil current is either generated by a power module or, in simple applications, provided directly by main power.

In order to achieve low residual magnetism, the following parameters need to be optimized:

  1. Positon of workpiece according to its shape. The workpiece must remain as long as possible in the magnetic field lines so it is absolutely necessary to place the workpiece lengthwise relative opening of coil. For complicated shapes, it is necessary to repeat the demagnetization in different directions or to use a rotating magnetic field!
  2. Simple or assembly workpiece. The best way is disassembled parts.
  3. Unitary workpiece, sorted workpieces or bulked workpieces. Bulked parts is frequently hard to demagnetize.
  4. Frequency of degaussing field. The penetration of the magnetic field into the workpiece depends on the speed of the polarity change, therefore the frequency used. Thicker the part is, more the frequency must decrease to go to the heart of the material. If the frequency used is not good regarding the workpiece, magnetism can return into the workpiece after a few days! To demagnetize large workpieces, frequency of down to 1 Hz is necessary.
  5. Magnetic field intensity. More the workpiece is hard and alloy, more the demagnetization is difficult. To achieve a good result with difficult workpieces, a power module is needed.

Measuring a magnetic field

The measurement with a tesla meter remains very simple but it is necessary to use an accurate and quality device as our model 878.05. You have to be in DC mode and HOLD function to measure the residual magnetism in different area. Now you need to know what goal you want to achieve!


Some examples of application:

  • Demagnetization of automotive parts
  • Demagnetization of aeronautical parts
  • Demagnetization of tools
  • Demagnetization of loose parts

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