For demagnetization of all large and difficult parts.

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Portable degaussing generator 876.99-GDM

First, SAV FRANCE offers you portable degaussing generator  with high-tech industrial demagnetizer . As a result, our group offers you a complete range of degaussing products. In summary, SAV FRANCE therefore offers you both standard and tailor-made solutions. To conclude with more than 25 years of experience, we have acquired a lot of knowledge in degaussing systems.
Therefore, we can offer you for all kind of demagnetization:
We use a low frequency method.

Pulse method for internal demagnetization

  • The alternating magnetic field is briefly increased in the coil to a high amplitude and then reduced to zero
  • Frequency, current, pulse shape and pulse duration are controlled by a power modul
  • The pulse parameters are optimally set for the application
  • This technology provides best results


Use :

The portable degaussing generator type GDM70 is designed for mobile use (mounted on wheels + handles) and easy use, without the presence of a SAV FRANCE specialist. Thanks to its innovative design and using the latest technologies (microprocessor), the generator sends powerful and high-precision magnetic fields into the cables in order to magnetize or demagnetize steel parts with high repeatability.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: 3×380…480VAC 50/60Hz, 16A..32A (at 16A reduction power)
  • Output voltage: ~400VAC
  • Repeatability of magnetic field: >99,5% (at 50% of maximum current)
  • Dimensions LxHxP: ~680x530x380mm
  • Weight: ~24kg (without cables)

Magnetic field cable:

  • Different conductor cross sections and lengths (compromise weight handling/heating)
  • Magnetic field cable CE-L-15-11: Ø cable 16mm, weight ~10kg, length 15m
  • Magnetic field cable CE-L-8-11:  Ø cable 16mm, weight ~6kg, length 8m
  • Connection adapter CEE-ML-11
  • Maximum theoretical field strength with 4x CE-L-15 and winding Ø 500mm: ~ 90kA/m (30’000AW). (Divide x1,5 when using function magnetization DC)
  • Extension of magnetic field cables by coupling

Other coil systems:

  • Tunnel demagnetizer 890.42F
  • Special coils


  • Low frequency sine wave pulse demagnetization with 1Hz for high penetration depth
  • Progressive frequency sine wave pulse
  • Pulse length between 1s and 30s, depending on needed application
  • Setting of all relevant process parameters (amplitude, pulse duration, rate of field increase and decrease etc.)
  • Further technological field control functions for special applications

Magnetization DC:

  • Adjusting the polarity, amplitude and duration of the DC sequence

Magnetic symmetry:

  • Adjustment of the residual magnetism in fluxing direction


Typical applications:

  • NDT (MPI, ECT)
  • Rotating equipment
  • Mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing
  • Steel industry, supply parts
  • Welding
  • R&D

This system is also used by our specialists for the demagnetization of parts on site or in our workshops.

Some examples of application:

  • Demagnetization of automotive parts
  • Demagnetization of aeronautical parts
  • Demagnetization of tools
  • Demagnetization of loose parts

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