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Magnetic force tester for the comparison of different magnetic clamping systems

Firstly SAV FRANCE offers you magnetic force tester for all types of application.
Our team therefore offers degaussing services on site or in our workshops. Extensive knowledge in degaussing.
In summary, SAV FRANCE develops and produces high-tech industrial demagnetizers. Therefore, the diversity of our range of demagnetizers as well as our knowledge in the field of demagnetization allow us to offer both standard and tailor-made solutions in the same way, ready to start, whatever your sector of activity.
To conclude, you want to demagnetize sheets, plates, moulds, rails, profiles, rounds, bars, parts specific to the unit or in packages, so we have the solution.
By getting as close as possible to your needs, we will also recommend the solution necessary for the smooth running of your process, with a rapid return on investment. Finally, SAV FRANCE offers a full range of solutions ranging from manual degaussers to complex automatic systems based on our knowledge.
Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for all your standard or specific needs. A qualified SAV FRANCE interlocutor will always be at your disposal.

For measuring the holding force on :
magnetic chucks with permanent magnets
electromagnetic magnetic chucks
electropermanent magnetic chucks

By turning the hexagon wrench clockwise, an internal piston is displaced which presses on the surface of the magnetic plate. When the device lifts off the magnetic plate, the needle indicates a value in Bar which corresponds to a force in daN / cm².

Measuring range :       0 – 25 Bar  so  0 – 25 daN/cm²
Weight :                            2,0 kg
Outer diameter:           50mm

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Magnetic force tester  SAV 486.40