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Central  vacuum system

First of all, the central vacuum system SAV FRANCE  allows you to meet all of your vacuum clamping needs.
And for this, with more than 25 years of experience in vacuum clamping solutions, SAV FRANCE puts its know-how at your service to recommend the vacuum solution adapted to your needs whatever your sector of activity:
Steel industry
Steel distribution and construction

Consequently, the central vacuum system SAV FRANCE can be used on almost all machining machines such as:
Machining center
Milling machine
Surface grinding machine and cylindrical grinding machine
Vertical and horizontal lathe

Consequently, these high quality Professional vacuum pump comply with all current European standards.
In conclusion, you want to clamp sheets, plates, molds, rails, profiles, rounds, bars, specific parts,  we have the solution. Even faster, safer and more economical, vacuum plates allow a part weighing from a few kilograms to several tonnes to be clamped in the same way in just a few seconds.
By getting as close as possible to your needs, we will certainly recommend the solution necessary for the smooth running of your process, with a rapid return on investment.

Do not hesitate to contact a SAV FRANCE specialist to advise you.

Use :

Single and dual systems are commonly used in industry and offer the advantage of providing continuous vacuum more economically than a number of small vacuum units. It also compensates for large vacuum variations in the number of vacuum consumers.

Triple systems are commonly used in hospitals and offer the same benefits as the dual system. The third pump also provides an additional safety factor when one of the pumps is turned off by mistake or during maintenance. In this way, there is always vacuum and thus the systems comply with DIN EN 7396-1.

All central vacuum systems can be used in:

  • Clamping, lifting and holding parts
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Filling of bags, bottles, hoppers
  • Aeration of wastewater treatment plants, Various aeration
  • Thermoforming, Vacuum packaging
  • Dental suction equipment, gas analysis
  • Printers, scanners, laser printers
  • Food processing machines, textile machines

On request, we design any special system meeting your requirements!

Dust, bacterial filters and residue condensate traps
Vacuum gauge, hose, fitting, valve and distributor
Buffer tank with manual/automatic liquid separator
Safety system and mounting base, casters
Standard control units or PLC
Touchscreen display for easy control
WiFi and/or GSM connections for external signaling


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