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Oil Free Vacuum Pump

First of all, the oil free vacuum pump SAV FRANCE  allows you to meet all of your vacuum clamping needs.
And for this, with more than 25 years of experience in vacuum clamping solutions, SAV FRANCE puts its know-how at your service to recommend the vacuum solution adapted to your needs whatever your sector of activity:
Steel industry
Steel distribution and construction

Consequently, the oil free vacuum pump SAV FRANCE can be used on almost all machining machines such as:
Machining center
Milling machine
Surface grinding machine and cylindrical grinding machine
Vertical and horizontal lathe

Consequently, these high quality Professional lubricated vacuum pump comply with all current European standards.
In conclusion, you want to clamp sheets, plates, molds, rails, profiles, rounds, bars, specific parts,  we have the solution. Even faster, safer and more economical, vacuum plates allow a part weighing from a few kilograms to several tonnes to be clamped in the same way in just a few seconds.
By getting as close as possible to your needs, we will certainly recommend the solution necessary for the smooth running of your process, with a rapid return on investment.

Do not hesitate to contact a SAV FRANCE specialist to advise you.

Use :

Vacuum pumps are used to keep parts under vacuum during various operations, including machining, packaging, etc. Its robust design allows it to be used 24 hours a day in harsh industrial applications. They are supplied with long life self lubricated graphite vanes to ensure long life without maintenance. Due to its reliability and oil-free operation, the pump is often used in applications such as:

  • Clamping of parts
  • Lifting of pieces
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Degassing of materials
  • Cleaning, vacuum drying
  • Thermoforming
  • Pneumatic transport

Principle of operation:
A rotor is positioned eccentrically in the pumps cylindrical housing. The free moving vanes are inserted into their rotor slots. When the rotor turns the centrifugal force pushes the vanes against the cylinder wall and creates a pocked of air between the rotor and the cylinder. As the rotor continues to turn the air pocked volume between the blades changes due to the eccentrically positioned rotor. From the inlet to outlet the chamber volume becomes bigger and then becomes smaller again. This way the pump is compressing the air from the inlet to the outlet. When the inlet of the pump is connected to a closed volume the pump is used to make a vacuum. When the inlet is connected to the atmosphere the pump can be used as a compressor to make compressed air.

Features :
SEV Series vacuum pumps are 100% oil-free, single-stage, air-cooled, direct-drive vacuum pumps. They have long-life self-lubricating vanes and are quiet in operation. Pressure regulating valves are included in the standard supply. Thanks to oil-free operation, these pumps are ideal for industrial applications that require easy installation and little downtime.

Filter, check valve, silencer
Vacuum gauge, hose, fitting, valve and distributor
Vacuum tank with manual/automatic liquid separator
Security system and mounting base

Order Example:
Oil free vacuum pump SAV 249.72-SEV40-230