For the demagnetization of machines or difficult parts


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In the event of parts or machines that are too massive to move or for questions of intervention time, we have the possibility of going on site to carry out demagnetization work.
We use a low frequency method.

Pulse method

  • The alternating magnetic field is briefly increased in the coil to a high amplitude and then reduced to zero
  • Frequency, current, pulse shape and pulse duration are controlled by a power modul
  • The pulse parameters are optimally set for the application
  • This technology provides best results

For any demagnetization on site, we use this low frequency method using cables and a power generator.

Some examples of application:

  • Demagnetization of automotive parts
  • Demagnetization of aeronautical parts
  • Demagnetization of tools
  • Demagnetization of loose parts

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